You Knitted Me Together

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About two years ago, as I picked up a large vintage candy jar full of cereal, it inexplicably shattered. I felt nothing, but when I looked down at my arm, blood was flowing from a long, deep gash…the fatty tissue was visibly extruding from beneath the epidermis. Of course, my husband and I panicked as we wove through rush hour traffic to the ER, where the wound was repeatedly subjected to thorough cleanings. The ER doctor skillfully stitched the gash with wide deep sutures, dressed it, and sent me home with instructions for after-care. During my followup visit, my family MD complimented the good job that had been performed in the ER.

Although I was not concerned about scarring, the threat of infection or nerve damage was on my mind throughout the initial healing process. After several weeks, during a visit back to the ER, the doctor on duty commented that it was fortunate that my hand was not seriously affected from nerve damage. His comment sparked even greater appreciation on my part for the Lord’s provision regarding my accident. God had used good doctors to perform their part in my healing; yet, the extent of their skill had been to bring the sides of the skin together, and to clean the wound in hopes that proper healing would take place.

It was the Lord that caused the skin to actually grow together–remarkably to the point that a year later, the pronounced scar was scarcely noticeable. If you have ever had a cut, bruise, broken bone, or any kind of trauma to your body, you have been supernaturally healed by our Creator and Healer. I once had a conversation with a wonderful, but unbelieving couple who said that the white blood cells should be credited with healing, not God—to which I replied “Yes, but white blood cells just don’t up and decide to heal; they are programmed and designed by their Creator.” Yes, the Lord lovingly knits us together in the wound and throughout life; He is greatly to be praised!

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  1. Hi Maryann, this picture tells it all. Life is so precious to the God who made us. That’s why He said He knew us before we were born and has a purpose for each of us.

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