You Are God’s Favorite!

There are a number of accounts in the Bible where a father favored one child over another: Joseph and Isaac, for example. The upshot of such favoritism was not beneficial for the other, less favored children—they often fell into jealousy, anger, and resentment. If only our earthly father (and/or mother) could have loved us with a perfect love; a love that we could always count on—if only we could have been the “favorite!”

Perhaps you were a child who longed for the attention and acceptance that another sibling seemed to—or did—receive.

But now you are grown and there appears to be no chance you will experience such approving and accepting love from a parent. Yet, if we are the Heavenly Father’s child—if we have believed in Jesus Christ and His work—we are favored children. Because God is love, and loves with a perfect love (love that seeks the very best for His loved one), He is able to love each and every one of us as His beloved, precious, and yes, favorite child. In fact, it is impossible for Jesus to love with any less love than that kind of divine and immeasurable love because that is God’s very nature.

May we come to know (experience) and truly believe (trust in) the immeasurable and perfect love our Heavenly Father has for us.