Words From the Cross- Part 3

“Woman [dear woman], behold your son!”

“Behold your mother!”

John 19: 26-27

Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, has died and Mary, His mother, is probably a widow in her early fifties with little or no income. The scriptures cited above echo the loving care Jesus had for His mother: despite the agony He was suffering, His mind was on the pain and welfare of Mary. He made provision for her by entrusting her to John, fulfilling and adhering to the 5th Commandment to honor parents (Exodus 20:12), while at the same time, observing Jewish law that required the oldest son to take responsibility for his parents should the need arise. Without exception, Jesus always fulfilled prophesy perfectly, obeyed the law perfectly, and kept His word perfectly (Mt. 5: 17).

…all these things being accomplished while He was still agonizing on the cross!