Winning the Battle

Sometimes in our desire to exercise self-control, we end up actually battling with ourselves; and of course, this will be a losing endeavor. After all, the blind cannot lead the blind and we cannot rescue ourselves; we need a third party—someone stronger and wiser than we are.

As we read last week:

The fruit of the Spirit can be viewed as righteous changes in our character due to the working of the of the Holy Spirit within us. And, although we are responsible in manifesting this fruit (including the gift of self-control), we nevertheless need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to do so—we can therefore pray for spiritual help with confidence that we will have what we need. Here are two prayers I found on the internet that express these kinds of prayers:

My personal prayer at this time is similar to this:

May you experience many blessings as you seek the Lord for strength and guidance in your areas of weakness.