Who Do We Trust?

As long as leaders who were witnesses of the the Lord’s miraculous works lived, the Israelites continued to follow God…

But after these eye-witness leaders died…

They forgot about the goodness of the Lord towards them and followed other gods.

Because these children of Israel walked “by sight” (dependence on and faith in leaders who knew about and saw first-hand the works that God performed on behalf of Israel), their faith soon faded when their faithful leaders died. As a result, these ancient Israelites had not developed a personal relationship with the Lord; they desired only what God could do for them, and did not appreciate the holy and perfect nature of their God. Thus they did not venerate Him for who He was, and because their faith was not in their unchanging God, they fell into an unending cycle of unbelief:

If we consistently fall into a cycle of unbelief, it might be helpful to examine ourselves as to where and in whom we are placing our faith. Are we trusting in worldly leaders for our security; or are we resting completely on a firm foundation—the Rock of our Salvation, Jesus Christ?

Jesus boldly declared that “an evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign” (Matthew 6:4). Clearly, seeking after and putting faith in someone based solely on miraculous deeds or accomplishment they perform on our behalf, is not from the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, Jesus also proclaimed this wonderful promise: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed” (John 29:29).