Welcome to my first post.

This is the first of many future posts to come

As I attempt to post for the first time, I am reminded of the feeding of the 5,000 and of the 4,000 in Matthew 14:14-21 & Mt. 15:29-39. Notice that the multiplication of the bread and fish was accomplished in the hands of Jesus, and then given to the disciples to share. Also, less fish and less bread were used to feed the larger crowd of 5,000 and more loaves and fish to feed the lesser crowd of 4,000. Although I may have little to bring to Him, it does not matter! Jesus can use a little or much to accomplish His purposes- it is not dependent on the magnitude of our talent or abilities, only on our willingness and trust in Him to use what we have.

9 Replies to “Welcome to my first post.”

  1. Glad to see more and more involvement to get the Word of our Lord out. Thanks much for this undertaking.

  2. Beautiful reminder that Jesus offers us ample resources to be imparted to others! Thank you for imparting this to me today♥️

    1. On our willingness and trust we bring these things before Him for the blessing and for His glory to be shown ❤️

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