Victory Is Assured

I have a favorite college basketball team that I cheer for against any opponent; but admittedly, there are times I can get somewhat agitated over “bad calls” against my team ; )

We were invited to an all-afternoon cookout recently, which meant that we were going to miss a major game…against a major rival. Fortunately, we had subscribed to a network that offered recording capability; so of course, we recorded the game. On the way home from the party, we checked to find out who won the game—it was my team! Since we had decided to watch the recording only if we won, we quickly tuned in as soon as we arrived home. In a way, the game was more enjoyable because we were able to view it with more calmness and peace, knowing that no matter how unjust the officiating appeared to us or how fiercely the game was played; we would nevertheless, win in the end—our victory was assured!

During my devotion time the next morning, it occurred to me that believers can live their lives with calmness and peace much like we experienced when we viewed the replay of the game. That is, no matter how unjust and fiercely difficult the world becomes, we can absolutely know the game is already won—our victory in Christ is assured!