Unmet Expectations- Part 2

As I continued the journey seeking truth about the Father’s love, I was lead to various pertinent scriptures and engagement in deep self-examination. It became clearer that my expectations and attitudes were often based on my personal desires rather than primarily out of a heart to seek God’s desire above everything else…

In my heart, I did not want to require or need my expectations to be met in order to feel fully loved by God. Instead, my intent became to truly develop a heart attitude like that of the Apostle Paul:

So, how did the Apostle Paul reach this high and holy level of living? If I could understand the process whereby he died to self and lived by faith, I believed progress towards a new attitude would be possible for me. Amazingly Romans 5: 1-5 outlined this process:

Notably, the first step was to recognize and believe that I had been made right with God; through Christ, I had a favorable and peaceful standing before the Lord. Furthermore, all the grace I needed had already been made available to me through Him.

By this grace, I could actually have joy in the midst of tribulations. I did not need to fear suffering or insist on its absence in order to experience God’s love; because, a byproduct of tribulation is perseverance, which would enable me to persist and endure whatever might befall me. Not only that, but persevering would develop my character whereby I could bear up under my trials while confidently looking to God to work out his good purposes through them.

Finally, I realized that the Holy Spirit, who had already been given to me, would fill my heart with God’s love—I did not need to struggle or require “proof” that God loved me, if I would only allow the Spirit to operate freely regardless of my suffering. This process outlined in Romans by Paul was a sure path to receiving and living in God’s love, because each step took me closer to hope; and, once I experienced hope, I knew my Heavenly Father would work everything I was going through for good (Romans 8:28). This hopeful belief transformed my desires to align with God’s will and promises, which would never fail!