Two Kings: Two Different Hearts – Part 3

Presently, the world appears to be full of compromise in politics, moral and social standards, and—sadly—in some Christian circles. However, as we have seen, the Lord’s way is not the way of compromise with evil or darkness in any manner:

These scriptures do not mean to treat others with disrespect or without love and concern; in fact, the Bible teaches to love your enemies, do good to them, and pray for them:

This question might be asked, “How can we love and do good to everyone and at the same time refrain from compromising with them?” The answer lies in the above verse—love them with the love of Jesus and pray for them. This God-kind of love (agape) rests in and acts out of the word of God, which never condones sin in our lives or anyone else’s. Genuine agape (selfless) love will risk rejection for standing by Biblical truth, because truly loving others involves looking out for their eternal as well as their earthly welfare, regardless of the cost to us. Therefore, it is helpful to keep two things in mind about loving others while refusing to compromise concerning the Lord and His instructions:

Keeping these things in mind, we need to guard against developing a heart like Saul’s that compromised when it was convenient; instead, we should determine to develop a reverent heart like David’s—loving the Lord above all else, and giving preeminence to His will.