Worthless To Treasured

Before our relocation fourteen years ago, I owned a primitive antiques store located in a 100+ year old tobacco barn. Sometimes with the help of my husband I attended auctions, bought from individuals and dealers, and scoured markets and malls; however, my favorite part of the business was finding things that others might regard as worthless. I preferred to think of them as one-of-a-kind possibilities; and as soon as I saw a possible buy, I immediately pictured what I would do with it- the item was already completely restored in my mind’s eye. Then, if butterflies fluttered in my stomach from excitement, I knew for certain I needed to buy and restore the piece- it became my overwhelming desire to redeem it. To be sure, some items required a lot more time and elbow grease than I had anticipated, but in the end, the reward of my efforts paid off with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I believed I had saved a treasure (often something someone had lovingly made by hand long ago) from forever being discarded. But, the greatest satisfaction was when the newly restored treasure found a place in the home of a satisfied customer.

If I was able to redeem what appeared to be worthless items and fashion them into something beautiful, how infinitely more our Father can redeem and beautify our lives! “Now to Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly all that we ask or think” is the way our God operates (Eph. 3:20). And, if I can derive great satisfaction from restoring mere things, how infinitely more our Father must be pleased when one of his precious image-bearers is redeemed- Psalm 149:4, “For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the meek with salvation.”