The Power of Fearing the Lord

This verse resonated with me one morning as I was continuing to read through my Bible. I wondered whether one could truly live satisfied and not be visited by evil in the darkness and difficulty of this present world.

It has become my habit to investigate both the literal and expanded meanings of key words in a verse or passage in order to understand the intent and truth of the scripture. Here is what my research for this passage revealed:

FEAR — Attitude of reverential awe and worship; honor, fear, and respect mixed with love and awe.

TEND — To move or develop one’s course in a particular direction; show a tendency or inclination.

ABIDE — Remain; continue.

SATISFIED — Content.

VISITED — Come upon.

EVIL — Affliction, adversity, harm, wickedness.

Keeping these meanings in mind, the passage might be viewed in this manner:

If believers remain in awe of our Lord, respecting, obeying and loving Him, then our lives will continue in the right direction—the Lord’s purpose and plan. Furthermore, when we are on this righteous path, we will experience contentment; and affliction, harm, wickedness, and adversity will not overtake us.

Therefore, it is needful for us to enable ourselves to keep an accurate view of God through prayer, reading the word, and contemplating on His goodness and justice toward us. In the next post, an account from the Old Testament will serve as a concrete demonstration of the power of fearing (or not fearing) the Lord.