The Perfect Care of Jesus

Have you ever felt that God was not using your suffering for anything good? Did it seem no one knew about it and only harm came from it?

During one of my devotion times, I confessed to this kind of reasoning: I loved the Lord; so if God was working all my trials together for good, I should be able to see and witness the good results. But, I was not able to discern the good outcome; and time was moving on. As I continued to seek the Lord in prayer, another verse came to mind that held a special place in my heart because of its relevance to my life:

The verse read, “that He may exalt”—the Lord himself would spiritually lift me up; therefore, I needed to be obedient and trusting under His hand, and then place any good that would result from my trials in His hands. Only God could know the “due time” (the right, proper, and optimal time) to make everything work together for His glory and purposes. My part was simply not to resist what the Lord had permitted by growing impatient and doubtful as I looked for a good outcome.

Moreover, I began to understand that I ought to fully allow the Holy Spirit to grow, change, and lead me even as I continued to pray and meditate on his word. With this understanding, I surrendered to God’s process of maturing me to bring me to a place where he could use “all things” to accomplish his will. A key instruction was to forget my self-focus by refusing to dwell on the ‘when, where, and how’ of bringing benefit from suffering—that care belonged only to the Lord. Throughout these kinds of experiences, Jesus has used it all to help develop and strengthen my trust in His perfect care for me!

2 Replies to “The Perfect Care of Jesus”

  1. Who can know the beginning from the end and care for us like Jesus. 🎶….oh how much He cares for me🎶. Thank you, girl, for this reminder of His greatness and all knowing presence.

  2. Amen Mary Ann….this is so good 💕
    Something I need to keep telling myself….”in due time.”
    His Way is perfect.

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