The Lord is My Shepherd

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When I think about the 23rd Psalm, I regard the Shepherd personally: “The Lord is MY Shepherd”

To list all of the implications of this personal Shepherd described in Psalm 23 is perhaps an impossible undertaking; therefore, I will present a few of the shepherding characteristics that each and every child of God can count on from Jesus, the Good Shepherd:

  • He provides a genuine sense of belonging and possesses a knowledge about us on the deepest level (John 10 14; John 10:3; Ps. 23:1).
  • He provides all I need (Ps. 23:1; Phil. 4:19)
  • The Good Shepherd causes me to rest, be safe and secure, and experience peace (Ps.23:2,
  • He restores/heals our minds, wills, and emotions (souls) (Psalm 23:3)
  • Jesus leads me on the right (righteous) path; He does not drive or force me, but shows me the way (Psalm 23:3; John 10:27)
  • He never leaves us or forsakes us—we do not need to fear anything or anyone because Jesus protects us (Ps. 23:4; Luke 15:3-7)
  • Our lives overflow with His abundant supply and power—no matter our circumstances—because of His consistent and ever-present goodness and mercy toward us (Psalm 23: 5-6)
  • We will dwell with our Good Shepherd forever! (Psalm 23:6)

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  1. Sometimes we forget as we go through life and witness what Psalms says, Jesus made the supreme gift, death on the cross to seal his being our shepherd FOREVER.

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