The Greatest Weapon

Focus Bible passage: Matthew 4: 1-11

In this passage, we read about the time—right before Jesus began His formal ministry— when the Spirit lead Him into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. The devil relentlessly tried to tempt Jesus into sin by offering desirable things. With each temptation, Jesus quoted scripture to counter the words of the devil, including the words Satan misquoted from scripture. Jesus was victorious and commanded Satan to leave; and, as we would expect, “the devil left Him.” (v.11)

Jesus Christ commands the devil to leave as they stand on a mountain.

Suppose an aggressive and deadly enemy was attacking citizens and their families. They have in their possession a few possible “weapons” to employ in defense of their loved ones: a butter knife, a glass bottle, or a ball bat …which weapon would they choose? It is probably safe to say most people would opt for the bat because it would be the most powerful and effective weapon at their disposal. However, would it be surprising to you that many Christians often fail to use the most powerful spiritual weapon available against our very aggressive and sometimes deadly spiritual enemy? Instead, we may try gritting our teeth and slugging it out in our own strength; or, we may resort to a diversion from our problems such as watching a movie or eating our favorite comfort food. Perhaps we might just give in and accept the offense, self-pity, or depression when Satan makes the offer. Looking back, I can recognize times I did just that; and inevitably the problem grew worse or soon returned.

Therefore, let us choose our most powerful (spiritual) weapon!


1 John 1:9- vs Satan’s accusations and condemnations

Philippians 4:19- vs the enemy’s threat of lack

Is. 41:10 & Is. 40:31- vs taunts about our weaknesses

Romans 8:28- vs lies about the strength of the enemy

James 1:5- vs lies about our inadequacies and lack of wisdom

+ many other promises from God’s word that enable us to stand in victory over Satan, so that he must flee! ( James 4:7)