The Blessing of Dominion

DOMINATE: To subjugate; rule over; control

Since our blueberry bushes have become ready for harvest, I have been steadily picking them in the early morning and evening…often in the afternoons as well. I need to frequently harvest because the birds have discovered the bountiful sweetness our bushes offer, and they relentlessly peck at the berries. I say “peck” because they often don’t eat the entire berry; no, they peck at each and every one : / —so my intention has been to beat them at their game and harvest the blueberries quicker than they can ruin them ; ) .

One morning as I was harvesting, a couple of catbirds menacingly chirped at me…they hesitated to leave our largest bush until I actually began picking berries. Immediately, scripture came to my mind:

I thought to myself, “If God had not given me dominion over these birds, they could easily attack me and keep me from the blessing of my harvest!”

It is amazing to me how the gifts of God keep manifesting in ways that I had never fully appreciated. I was familiar with the passage in Genesis 1, yet I had not thought about the extent of this blessing of dominion; that is, the significance of the respect the animal kingdom has for God’s ultimate creation.

Although the “attacks” on my blueberries had initially frustrated me, there still remained a bountiful harvest. I was reminded of the messages of Genesis 2:15; Revelation 4:11; & Col. 1: 16-17: Humans were created in God’s image; furthermore, God loved his creation…all of his creation. It was created by Jesus and for Jesus. And so, I felt privileged to provide food for part of that creation; after all, man’s first job was to tend the Garden of Eden and to be good stewards of the Father’s world.