The Blessing of Adoption

As I was considering Biblical accounts of mothers, I remembered the story of baby Moses. I grew curious as to why, out of all the mothers mentioned in the Bible, Moses’ two mothers came to mind. And so, I read the entire passage in Exodus 1 & 2 whereby it became evident that both mothers had vital roles in Moses’ life. His biological mother was willing to go to desperate measures to save her son, despite the possibility of severe consequences for defying Pharaoh’s decree. Nevertheless, as we read in the verse above, her motherly love overshadowed any personal risk. On the other hand, Pharaoh’s daughter—knowing the baby was Hebrew—also defied her father’s decree by compassionately rescuing him.

By way of adoption, Moses was saved; and, eventually the entire nation of Israel was delivered from enslavement through his obedience to God’s plan. It occurred to me that although I had a biological mother, like Moses, I was also adopted; not by earthly parents, but because I—as all believers—have been adopted into the family of God: