Singing at Midnight

Acts 16:25, “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.”

Paul and Silas were instructed in a vision to go to Macedonia and preach the gospel. Many were converted, but when Paul cast a demon out of a woman who had been following them, they were taken before the magistrates by her masters, who had been able to make money off of her divinations. Paul and Silas were falsely accused, severely beaten, cast into prison, and constrained by stocks. Nevertheless, at midnight they prayed and worshiped the Lord; immediately, an earthquake shook the prison doors open and loosed them from their bonds.

Imagine the being falsely accused and severely mistreated because you obeyed the Lord by faithfully spreading the gospel. Yet Paul and Silas endured all of this by giving a sacrifice of praise in the midst the midnight hour—a dark and frightening time in their ministry.

Their sacrifice to the Lord was heard by others in the prison and most importantly by the Lord Himself; moreover, they were freed and more converts were won to God’s Kingdom by their witness. While we may not always experience this kind of dramatic outcome when we praise the Lord in the midst of difficult circumstances, we will experience supernatural joy in the midst of our troubles: We should remember that before Paul and Silas were ever released, they sang from their hearts so joyfully and loudly that the other prisoners heard them. Praying and giving praise to God continually, through all circumstances whether good or bad, will always be to our benefit—our sacrifice will not only please the Lord, but at the very least, we will experience the kind of supernatural joy that will sustain us!