Seek First His Kingdom

When we are worried, it might be helpful to think about what we have been seeking after; that is, what have we been giving our attention to? Scripture clearly instructs us regarding what we should seek above everything:

It is likely that if believers fail to direct their energy and attention to God’s way of doing things, they will enter into worry. This anxiety is basically a preoccupation with tomorrow—with what is to come—over which there is little or no control. Thankfully however, there is always an important aspect of tomorrow that we can control: how we choose to face it. When any of us seek His Kingdom, we are seeking the King of Kings Himself- the Lord. The word “therefore” in verse 34 means “as a result of this.” In other words, when we have truly taken our focus off of our cares and concerns and directed them toward how good and trustworthy the Lord is, we will not be inclined to worry!

Change takes place when we move from “I believe this is going to happen” to “I trust in the Lord regarding anything that that happens.”

Jesus did not say we would conquer anxiety by simply trying not to worry; we will conquer anxiety by surrendering and entrusting whatever may happen to our perfect and powerful Heavenly Father. We can pray, get into His Word, and seek wise fellowship with a brother or sister in Christ until we can genuinely proclaim, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…” (Matthew 6:10).