Resisting God- conclusion

Resisting God is much like trying to save a drowning person, who in their panic, fights the rescuer’s effort vigorously. Or, like trying to open a cage to free a bird but he pecks your hand instead of trusting and simply flying out to freedom. I do not wish to be like the Israelites who wandered needlessly for forty years in the wilderness! Through their stubborn resistance to the Lord’s instruction, they prolonged a relatively short trip to the promised land and most missed out on the blessing God had in store for them.

The truth is, the one we should resist is our enemy-the devil. James 4:7 says, ” Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Notice, the enemy will flee after submission is made to the Lord. That simply means making a decision to obey God and putting ourselves in a humble position of reliance on Him. Then- wow- the devil must flee! It is not our power by which this happens; it is the power of the Holy Spirit within us that the devil cannot resist. Hopefully, we can now recognize one of many significant ways that by not allowing ourselves to resist God, we make room for the Holy Spirit to release supernatural power in our lives.