Put a Smile on Your Faith : )

Years ago I heard a clever play on words from a gifted teacher, “Put a smile on your faith [face].” Someone might think, “There is not a lot to smile about; I don’t want to wear a fake smile when things are so difficult.” Yet, the instruction not only has biblical support; it is also validated by scientific studies. Several neurological studies show that smiling (whether ‘fake’ or not) can lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stressful reactions, boost the immune system, and lift moods. But of course, the inspired Word of God is well aware of this; after all, the Lord designed and knitted together our bodies. From a spiritual standpoint, the Bible contains many scriptures pertaining to joy—for example:

Clearly, smiles come from merry hearts; and, we read in this verse that physical benefits result.

In Psalm 42:11 we learn that the Lord himself is the health of (the One who helps) our facial expression. Therefore, if we hope in and praise our God, we will develop a cheerful countenance.

Most of all, we are children of a perfect Father; and he is the the One with whom we experience our most important relationship. Therefore, we can boldly come into his presence, where there is fullness of joy…and smile.