Prepare Your Work

The Pulpit Commentary summarizes this verse in this manner: Proverbs 24:27 “enjoins a man to look well to his resources before he undertakes to build a house or to establish a family.”

While keeping in mind the concrete meaning and instruction presented in the verse above, I would like to recount an incident that seemed to demonstrate a possible deeper spiritual meaning:

My husband and I have visited an art gallery of one of my favorite artist several times over the years. This artist is world-renown and noted for his meticulous and realistic paintings; and, it is not an exaggeration to say it is sometimes difficult to distinguish much of his artwork from a photograph. Additionally, the painter has designed stamps, received numerous awards and honors, met with presidents, and has lead what appears to be a blessed life with his large family.

During our most recent visit, we were fortunate to find ourselves virtually alone in the gallery; and after we asked a question, two of the gallery experts enthusiastically began to educate us about the artist and his work. I was astonished about the detailed preparation this skilled artist undertook before he ever put his brush to the canvas. For example, a flower in one of his paintings was scrupulously detailed on a work canvas, where he experimented with the form of the flower as well as the colors that would be selected. After addressing all the minor details, the painter critically attended to the overall appearance of the painting; noting how realistically and aesthetically it was coming together and what additional details were required.

I was deeply impressed with the painter’s unrelenting effort to present his best to the world despite the level of skill and success he had achieved. There seemed to be a humble appreciation of the gift God had entrusted to him that manifested in each and every work he completed.

More tomorrow concerning spiritual application for preparing our work…