Prepare Your Work- Part 2

Yesterday’s post was about an artist that seems to example this verse. Although he has achieved recognition and appreciation for the high quality of his work, he continues to prepare his work diligently “with [his] might” (strength and power).

Believers are to work with their might to produce excellent work because they honor the Lord through such work. The motive should not be to gain the praise of men; rather, the motive that prepares work to the highest level, is the kind of work that pleases the Father.

Preparation or groundwork for producing excellent, God-honoring work could be viewed as a series of basic, simple steps—keeping in mind that each person’s work will require unique preparation and inspiration from the Lord:

  • Proper order- The first step begins with the top priority—what is most necessary to begin the process of preparation—and establishes a clear goal. This first step always involves seeking the Lord’s will and guidance, with the goal of inspired work that honors and pleases Him.
  • Foresight- Think ahead for each succeeding step; anticipate needs and possibilities.
  • After establishing proper preparation, begin to produce the work- With wise mental, spiritual, and physical preparation, a firm direction is laid out: financial, emotional, and personal costs have been estimated. It is time to produce heartily for the Lord.