Practice Hospitality- Part 2

In the past, I have almost exclusively envisioned hospitality as opening my home to friends and family and providing a large meal and perhaps overnight lodging. But, when I look at incidents when a Biblical character practiced hospitality, it was often to strangers. Furthermore, the means by which they demonstrated hospitality were frequently in ways other than meals or lodging.

It may be that we find ourselves condemned about not being as hospitable as we should because the thought of preparing a meal, cleaning our home, and trying to provide some way to engage others can become a bit overwhelming. While some believers are strongly gifted to practice hospitality, every believer is commanded and equipped to offer hospitality on some level. It is therefore encouraging that the Scriptures offer concrete examples of ways to be hospitable that are not so daunting:

For example, Rebekah drew water from a well until all the camels of Abraham’s servant, a stranger, were provided with water. Because she showed friendliness and generosity to a sojourner in need, she effectively practiced hospitality toward him:

Genesis 24:44 And she say to me, “Both drink thou and I will also draw for thy camels.”

(Read the full account in Genesis 24: 1-49)

In Matthew 25, we read what I believe is a beautiful description of Godly hospitality and compassionate generosity—simple acts that powerfully convey the heart of Jesus by demonstrating love and concern, particularly for those in need:

Conclusion on hospitality tomorrow…