Planting Is Believing

I love planting my garden and flowers in early spring when the weather is cool and everything is growing greener by the day. Recently, I came upon a sign I had purchased a few years before, which I had forgotten—it read:

As I found a perfect spot for it in my garden, I contemplated what had drawn me to its message—the sentiment behind the words. For me, it was an encouraging reminder that no matter how discouraging worldly concerns can be; because of the grace of God through my faith in Christ, I am indeed continuing to believe in His care and provision—simply by planting my garden.

After all, the Lord himself was the first “gardener”: “Now the Lord had planted a garden in the east, in Eden (Genesis 2:8). Furthermore, the Bible contains many references to planting and sowing which are positive and promising: The Lord instructed his people to build houses and plant gardens so that they could enjoy the fruit of them (Is. 65:21; Jeremiah 29:5 & 28); gardens were a blessing. Planting was used as a metaphor for the work of God, with growth representing bearing good fruit for His Kingdom (Mark 4:8).

When I plant each season, I am reminded that it is the Lord that causes the seed to sprout—He is the one who gives life to the seed and growth to the plant (1 Corinthians 3:7). Similarly, when well-watered by His Spirit, we too will be enabled to grow in our spiritual walk and produce bountifully for the Lord.