Patience is a Virtue

When I was a child I fell violently against the edge of brick steps and gashed the center of my forehead. To my chagrin, a large ugly brown scab began to situate itself in plain sight just below my bangs. Whenever I looked in the mirror, my focus was immediately drawn to the appalling sore and I became more and more self-conscious about it. It seemed to me that it was never going to heal and go away without my assistance; so, ever so gently I began to pick at it just to help it loosen its hold. It seemed to work at first- no bleeding and I was making progress to loosen the scab; but as I grew more and more impatient with how long the whole process was taking, I finally just ripped it off. I immediately experienced pain and bleeding and realized too late that it was still a deep wound that had not fully healed. To this day, a scar is visible despite the fact that the gash had healed long ago.

In Luke, 4: 18, Jesus explained that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him, anointing Him to heal the brokenhearted (inner healing) and deliver the captive (set free for change). This same Spirit operates today inside each believer enabling genuine, lasting change and healing. With a little imagination my sore can be seen as a metaphor for inner wounding that needed healing- for changes that needed to take place. My premature assistance for this healing process represented my impatient insistence that those changes be speedy and relatively painless. I have only to look at my scar to recall this lesson about the virtue of patience-it is a constant reminder that trusting in the timing and work of the Holy Spirit is key for genuine, complete healing and transformation.

3 Replies to “Patience is a Virtue”

  1. Amen, this reminds me of Isaiah 40:31. I always wondered why it says, “they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” I thought to myself…why isn’t it the other way around. Why isn’t it run and not faint, walk and not be weary since physically, running is harder than walking.? Then I read a book and a woman asked the Lord the question of what I just stated. She felt the Lord tell her because it’s harder to go slower in your christian walk. That is so true. Standing still and patiently waiting on the Lord is so much harder than being busy and doing for the Lord. Lord help us to be patient..

    1. Excellent point- thank you! Your scripture really demonstrates how wearisome it can be to develop patience when very often I feel more useful by taking action instead of waiting on the Lord.

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