My Times are in God’s Hand

Psalm 31:14-15, “But as for me, I trust in Thee, O Lord, I say, ‘Thou art my God…my times are in Thy hand…'”

As each day passes and the world seems to be in greater and greater chaos, perhaps we can all agree that these are troubled times. King David wrote extensively about the troubles and enemies he faced on a continuous basis; yet he always came back to the hope he had in the Lord. I find great comfort in his writings in the book of Psalm– they are amazingly applicable to my life at this time in history.

Ascertaining the literal meanings for three key words contained in the verses makes the passage’s application clear and meaningful:

TRUST: Confidence, security, boldness, hope, surety

TIMES: Time of an event, experiences, fortunes, occurrences, occasions

HAND (OF GOD): Power and strength

Taking these definitions into account, the passage seems to counsel me in this way: If I will fully place my confidence and security in the Lord, I can be emboldened and hopeful. After all, the hand of the Lord is powerful, a place of great strength– all the strength I need– to navigate the troubled waters of this life. It is a place where I can put myself in His perfect care, and that fact is comforting. And so, despite the fact that these times (experiences, events) are challenging to say the least, my times (our times) are in our Heavenly Father’s hands.