Mrs. Jones’ Greatest Lesson

Perhaps it was when I was in the fifth grade that I learned a lesson that would resound in my heart throughout the decades of my life. My favorite teacher from the entirety of my education was Mrs. Jones; not because she effectively taught me math and English (although she did), but because of something not found in our text books.

Mrs. Jones did not have favorites…at least none that one could discern. Every day at lunch, she would choose a different table whereby she would interact on a personal level with her students. She made sure to engage every single child in some form of conversation—the shy ones, the trouble-makers, the popular ones—she made no distinctions with her attention. In hindsight, I realize that she could have taken a break from the rigors of teaching 5th-graders by lunching at the teachers’ table; but she chose us. Mrs. Jones never raised her voice; she never seemed frustrated—she was kind:

KIND- Sympathetic; friendly; affectionate; gentle; tender-hearted, generous, courteous, etc.

Ephesians 2:7 states, “That in the ages to come he [God] might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Jesus Christ.” KJV

Mrs. Jones taught her greatest lesson through her kind actions to everyone in the class; she demonstrated the exceeding grace of Jesus in a way that resounded in my young heart—a lesson I never forgot.

Do you have fond memories of your favorite teacher that you can share?