Life is a Marathon, not a Sprint

SANCTIFICATION: The process of becoming more like Christ by purifying our hearts and minds through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As my husband and I were walking through a lovely local park, I happened to notice ahead of us an unusual figure moving across the road. When we came upon it, the picture became clear: a snail had determined to cross the pavement, leaving the trail of his journey behind him. It was obvious the snail was expending great effort; and despite its inability to see the other side of the road, it was successfully heading to its destination. Nevertheless, the trail of mucus indicated that his journey had its crooks and turns—its distractions and mistakes. The rocky path was neither smooth nor easy!

…and so it seems with our process of sanctification: We may experience a rocky path riddled with setbacks, distractions, and mistakes…

…but God has promised to lead and provide for us throughout our journey, until we reach our destination:

The next post will expound on key ways to successfully navigate the Christian walk…the “marathon” of life’s journey.