Keeping Our Confidence

Confidence: A feeling of assurance; trust or faith; a trusting relationship—

Our trusting and secure relationship with the Lord will help us endure everything that comes our way until we dwell with Him forever.

Confidence is intimately associated with trust and hope; you could say that it is an attitude of faith. Baker’s Dictionary of Biblical Theology defines this attitude as:

Confidence – “A multifaceted word that encompasses within Christian thought a range of aspects—faith in God, certainty and assurance of one’s relationship with God, a sense of boldness that is dependent on a realization of one’s acceptance by God, and a conviction that one’s destiny is secure in God.”

What confidence is not: It is not a struggle to compensate for a lack of personal resources; that is, Christian confidence is not a building up of self-confidence—Philippians 3:3 admonishes to “have no confidence in the flesh.” Instead, the supremacy of Christ must become our focus. Jesus is the One in whom our confidence must rest because of what God has done through Him for us; and, He is enough!