Jesus is in My Boat-Part 2

Focus Passage- Mark 4: 35-40

[Learning “what manner of man” Jesus is]

In this passage, Jesus bid the disciples to enter the boat in order to go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee; and as they were crossing, Jesus fell asleep— undoubtedly due to exhaustion from His extremely demanding day. Although the disciples were seasoned fishermen, a storm arose that was so fierce that they were all filled with fear— so much so that they anxiously asked Jesus, “Master, don’t you care that we are perishing?” (Mark 4:38)

This passage relates to my experience with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in several ways, for example: I felt that I was dangerously close to losing my battle with RMSF complications just as the disciples feared for their lives due to threatening conditions beyond their control. Additionally, it seemed to me that God could have prevented the tick bite, or spared me from such searing pain; why “bid” me to go through this storm of suffering? Lastly, I was doing my part to help— searching frantically for cures, praying, and seeking medical treatment; yet, it seemed in my fragile emotional state that Jesus was “sleeping in the boat”— not hearing my cries for help.

To be fair regarding the disciples’s reactions, we are told that the boat was alarmingly filling with water. Furthermore, Jesus Himself had, in a way, put His disciples in this predicament by bidding them to sail to the other side of the sea. And yet, while they were crossing, He continued to sleep in the boat while they were frantically doing their part to save themselves.

Although I began this unwelcome journey attempting to place confidence and trust in God’s goodness and to submit to His sovereignty throughout whatever would come to pass; as time progressed, my faith progressively focused primarily on healing and relief from pain. I began to feel the Lord was not with me despite the fact that I intellectually believed His ways were always good and merciful. The cycle of faith/doubt repeated over and over as I struggled to maintain unwavering trust in God’s goodness and love towards me.

Amid my struggles, the following verse repeatedly came to mind:

This word from the Lord was instrumental in helping me begin to come out of the cycle of doubt into a new level of faith…

[To be continued]