Jesus is in My Boat- Conclusion

Romans 8:28 was becoming a lifeline in the storm; but, I needed to understand what the “good” that God could bring out of my suffering would look like. To be sure, physical healing was still foremost in my mind, although I was certain there was deeper truth hidden within the scripture. I remember when I was first able to walk down steps and go outside…there was a refreshing breeze as I gingerly picked a few blueberries. I thought to myself, “The sun feels so good and look at these berries; I’ve given them no attention, yet here they are.” Later, as I slowly grew stronger, my husband took me for a brief outing. I noticed a lady, seemingly much older than myself who was walking at a brisk and unencumbered pace in front of me and I questioned inside if I would ever be able to walk that energetically again without exhaustion and pain. It seemed that victory over all doubt and discouragement would not be easily won.

Nevertheless, a teaching I had read prior to my illness came to mind: The enemy (Satan) can never be victorious in any trial if you keep loving God, no matter how dire the circumstances might be. Perhaps it is just as important to learn to walk by faith and not by sight (or feelings) so that we do not come to doubt his love for us, no matter what befalls us. It seemed to me that anyone could love the God who gave them Eden, but could I love Him from my sick bed? I began to take hold of every blessing— picking a few blueberries, walking more than a few steps, even being able to turn on my side in bed— to the point that I could continually develop an increasing measure of genuine gratitude. As I grew more and more thankful; eventually, I was able to offer the sacrifice of praise from my heart to Jesus, the Giver and Sustainer of life; and as I discovered, the One who would never abandon the boat.

Without a doubt, the “good” that the Lord worked throughout my situation was of greater value for my spiritual growth than healing in my body; nevertheless, to this day, I am awed how God keeps restoring and sustaining me physically. The Bible promises that inwardly believers will be renewed day by day despite the fact that our aging bodies will inevitably grow weaker (2 Corinthians 4:16). And so, I believe the Lord will use my trial to help equip me to finish the race of life well…a truly precious gift.

I have learned that the the Lord Jesus is not only willing to speak to my storms, He has the power to calm them. And because the Lord patiently worked everything together for good, it has become my desire at all times and through all trials, to proclaim with sincerity of heart: