If I Had Not Suffered

Psalm 117:19, “If I had not suffered, I would not have sought the Lord.”

The question, “Why does a loving God allow so much suffering?” is a complicated question to answer; and although this verse does not answer the “why” of suffering, it demonstrates a positive outcome of suffering. The psalmist seemed to have no doubt that he would not have sought out (learned to rely on) the Lord if he had not endured trial and suffering. Likewise, through the course of various trials, I have come to realize that I could not solve certain problems; and often, I did not even understand what the true nature of the problem was. Suffering has been a humbling experience– I’ve come to realize just how inadequate my strength and abilities can be; and so, this verse has become an increasing source of encouragement to me. It demonstrates that my weakness is not the deciding factor in success or failure whenever I trust in God’s ability to supply all that I lack.

It is a great comfort to know that the Lord will provide His strength when our own strength fails: