How to Solve Unsolvable Problems

Sometimes we wrestle with problems that seem to be impossible to solve; in fact, it may appear that our efforts are futile. These may be the kind of problems over which some forward progress may be achieved; but then—inevitably—we slip backwards a few steps (or perhaps giant leaps). Often, the lack of success is not because great effort has not been made to overcome the trial; however, an important point to remember is that we need to keep a right focus. The Scriptures provide clear instructions as to how we can focus in such a way that our problems—even “unsolvable” ones can be overcome:

While this verse specifically refers to physical needs, the overarching lesson is to put priorities in order and keep first things first. Wrestling with a problem—small or great—that just doesn’t get resolved can create a goal of putting it behind us by focusing on its resolution through our prayer and effort. Could it be that the best path to this goal is not by focusing on the desired answer to a specific problem, but by seeking God’s divine perspective about it, keeping His eternal values (righteousness) in mind?

One day at a time, one step at a time, it is possible to live our lives with unshakable confidence that the Lord is willing and able to provide for our welfare. The Holy Spirit will help us put God’s interests first if we pray and listen to his counsel. A spiritual focus will bring the problem into a accurate perspective and we will discover that what we need concerning our problems will be added into our lives.