His Love Never Fails

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Let me declare from the start that my family and I experienced one of the most wonderful and blessed Christmases we ever had last month; however, we underwent a battle to to do so. Two days before our celebration, it was unlikely everyone would be able to come. Thankfully, Jesus poured out His grace so that everything in that area worked favorably before Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, early Christmas morning, I awoke with a flu-like weakness that intensified with every attempt to prepare the food for the enjoyment of our family. In my fatigue, I cut my finger which bled profusely; and then, inexplicably the oven started billowing out smoke.

We discovered that the bottom of the oven was filled with a mysterious liquid that could feed the smoke and odor for some time, if not addressed. My husband and I grabbed gobs of paper towels and dropped to our knees to begin sopping it up inside the very hot oven. The kids opened the back door and used a fan to direct it out…I lit a scented candle to counter the smell.

As we were on our knees, it occurred to me that we were situated perfectly to pray—both physically and emotionally. I muttered a brief but sincere prayer for the Lord’s intervention into our situation, drawing a spiritual line in the sand against the dark warfare taking place. Immediately, our spirits lifted and we chuckled at the spectacle all around us, including our most humbling position on the floor before the smoking oven. Just a moment before, we felt victimized on our knees; but then with our prayer, our position was transformed to a powerful stance for humble petition to our good and loving God. After eating lunch, my energy was renewed and the sick feeling abated. We spent a wonderfully memorable afternoon together, full of laughs and happy exchanges.

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  1. You shared this with me 2 weeks ago, but reading it puts a smile on my face. God is so good. He cares about everything in our lives.
    The best part is you and Clyde on your knees.
    So glad you and your family had a blessed Christmas!

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