God’s Ways Are Higher

Fourteen years ago, the Lord made it clear that we were to relocate. We left family and friends, my business, our church and the farmhouse we had just finished renovating- the place our children considered home. I was shocked over how difficult it was for me to adjust to the move. In fact, I wrestled with depression and loneliness as we settled into an area that was unfamiliar and where no one knew our name. Looking back, I am somewhat bewildered regarding how much I lamented over our loses and how precious familiar possessions became to me.

Finally, one day I decided to explore the area to learn my way around. I felt some relief and hope as I slipped into my car; it was familiar and comforting- my spirits began to lift as I drove around and picked up some groceries. However, as I pulled out from the grocery store and came to a stop at the stoplight, a vehicle barreled across two lanes and crashed into my door, pushing me completely off the road into a gas station. The upshot of the whole ordeal was back and forth contention between the repair shop and the insurance company which unfortunately resulted in a decision to total my car.

It seemed crystal clear to me that the enemy had decided to unmercifully burden my fragile faith with the incident; and there were many other factors that are too lengthy to include in this writing. The enemy’s attack was successful in that I grew more depressed and full of self-pity; yet my Father never took his hand off of the situation, as I was about to learn.

One day I grew increasingly unsettled as the Holy Spirit began convicting me about my lack of faith, and at the same time encouraged me to pray in a manner different than I had been praying. Something broke in my spirit and I could almost feel the weight lift as I gave up the burden of my will in favor of my Father’s. I began to confess and finally was able to say, “It is okay if my car is not returned- please help me accept your will in this.” Just as I finished, the phone rang. It was the master mechanic at the dealership, “We are going to fix your car. You will never be able to find another one close to its condition and low mileage. Give us a few weeks.”

Over the years following the accident, my car has continued to run like a new one. Just as according to Romans 8:28 (see 6/24 post), the Lord truly worked all things- every aspect concerning the incident- together for good.