God’s Consolations Cheer My Soul

Have you ever observed a person who had every reason (in our estimation) to be unhappy or angry; yet remained joyful and loving toward others? On the other hand, we might find ourselves distraught over a small event in our lives because it reminded us of past resentments and hurts. How can others (and hopefully ourselves) walk continually in hope and joy regardless of the circumstances of our lives?

For starters, how often do we say to ourselves something along the lines of, “Because this happened to me, I am the way I am. This experience ruined my life. If so-n-so hadn’t done this to me, then I could be happy.” We are not so much disturbed by external circumstances, but by the view we take of them. That is, our beliefs about the people and events in our lives are what affect our walk, rather than the external factors themselves that we encounter.

Taking our focus off of the worldly events in our lives, and on to the Father and His promises will effectively help us to walk by faith–

Psalm 94:19, “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.”

A few promises upon which we can focus are:

1 Corinthians 2:5, “My faith will not rest in my burden but in God’s power.”

Romans 8:28– There is nothing my Heavenly Father cannot work together for good.

1 John 5:4– I am born of God, therefore my faith is victory.

There are many other promises and truths that I encourage you to personally dig out as you seek the Lord during your times of distress.