God Will Make a Way

I have always loved bees—they are always about the business of preserving life. Inevitably, honey pots, old bee tins, and related bee/honey items somehow made their way into my collections over the years : ) Finally this past year, after we established our yard sufficiently, we began to develop an area for beekeeping with wildflowers and water sources. My husband researched and discovered that our state had passed legislation allowing homeowners in neighborhoods to help save the bee population by maintaining a few hives in their yards. We purchased all of the gear, hives, and bees that were needed to begin our venture. We informed our HOA about our intentions; but unfortunately, the association would not allow us to maintain any hives due to an obscure addendum to the state law that allowed HOAs to override such preservation efforts.

Of course, we were extremely disappointed that our beekeeping dream was not going to come to pass; however, we had come to learn in our walk with the Lord to strive to quickly let go of such disappointments over which we had no control.

As time passed, I became involved in my gardening and the “sting” of the bee incident had faded. I had planted a few different kinds of seeds that were offered free of charge by a nursery because they had a low germination probability. I noticed that out of all the seeds I had planted, only a single strange little plant had emerged. I watered it and it slowly grew to the point I could identify it from the packaging: Nigerian Spinach. We made a salad from its leaves; after all, it was called spinach. However, we found the texture and odd taste to be unpleasantly unfamiliar to our palates.

Still, I let it grow…and grow…and grow. It was taking up the entire raised bed and I debated as to whether I should pull it up. We weren’t going to harvest it for food; and other plants could grow in its stead, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to destroy it—it seemed determined to grow and I was curious as to how it would develop. Soon small bright magenta flowers began to form; and they grew, and grew, and grew into elongated blooms that multiplied on the plant.

One morning I noticed that some bees and a few butterflies had discovered the blooms. Shortly thereafter, the plant was teaming with hungry bees that lingered around it for the entire day, day after day. I felt delighted…the bees were happy. Gratitude and awe arose

in my heart towards the Lord; He had provided a way—a new and unexpected means by which the bee population could survive and prosper.