God Will Direct My Path

My post on 9/8/22 relayed how I struggled when presented with an opportunity to teach in our new church. Thankfully, the Lord had — through a lifetime of spiritual lessons– taught me it is good and best to submit to His will when He presents the next step to take on the path of maturity in Christ. Just as with the Ninevites, God laid the preparatory groundwork to turn my heart toward discernment and obedience to His will. In this post I would like to share one aspect of how my Heavenly Father equipped me to respond to the new teaching opportunity:

There was an extended period of time that elapsed between opportunities to teach…partly due to the pandemic, and also because the process of finding another church was very challenging. During this period a dear friend Diane, who lived in another state, stepped out in obedience to the Holy Spirit– she expressed a desire for us to utilize our phones to come together in a weekly Bible study. She stated expressly that she wanted me to teach; as she put it, “I will be the student.” I began to sense the Lord’s involvement in her proposal and as we continued to come together, I knew God was indeed ordering my steps by providing a way for me to consistently exercise the gift He had given me.

Although I had a crisis of belief later when presented with the offer to teach a ladies’ group at church, I have no doubt that the study with my friend kept the door cracked open for me to trust in the Lord and receive the blessing He had in store for me.