God Will Cause Us to Shine

Contained within these verses are God’s clear instructions about what we are not to do; and, what we are to do in order to avoid fretting over and envying evil people—those who unjustly appear to profit even as believers experience affliction:

What we should NOT do:

*FRET– don’t grow troubled, agitated, worried, grieved, or disturbed. *ENVY– do not be discontented because of the good fortune of another. *BE ANGRY– avoid showing or feeling resentment. *BE WRATHFUL– arrest anger before becoming violently angry to the point of seeking revenge. “Wrath” is derived from a word meaning venom or poison…perhaps wrath works in our inner being much like poison and is therefore to be ardently avoided.

What we SHOULD do:

*TRUST IN THE LORD- rely completely on and have confidence in God’s love, goodness, power, justice, holiness, and character; be secure and safe in the Lord’s care. *DO GOOD- Be kind, ethical and do beneficial things; obey God’s commands and do His will. *DELIGHT IN THE LORD- be delighted over God’s goodness and be joyful in his promises and love. *COMMIT YOUR WAY TO GOD- seek God’s will about your decisions and plans; trust and be confident that the Lord will guide you. *REST IN & WAIT PATIENTLY ON the Lord- wait hopefully, expectantly, and peacefully for God to answer your prayers and move on your behalf.

If we follow these instructions, God promises that ” He shall bring forth [our] righteousness as the light, and [our] judgement as the noonday”—He will cause us to shine. That is, the Lord will reward our obedience by making our godly character and just cause evident to the world—the misjudgment and injustice toward believers in Christ will be remedied, and the wicked will be punished in God’s perfect timing. Furthermore, we can count on the fact that just as the light of morning breaks through the darkness, and the noonday sun is the brightest time of day, so the Lord will openly and radiantly plead our cause.