God Sets the Boundaries- Part 2

In the last post, the ocean was viewed as a visible reminder that the Lord sets boundaries which cannot be breached. As we ponder this fact, many applications and benefits for the lives of believers become apparent due to this aspect of the Lord’s supreme rule in this world. The following scriptures present a few of these examples of His divine boundaries.

Even if God’s children stumble due to their own fallibility or worldly opposition, the Lord will uphold them and preserve their way.

We know that Christ-followers will be persecuted in this world, according to Jesus’ own words (2 Timothy 3:12). Even so, we will not be subject to the desire and will of the enemy to destroy us.

Our Father will set the boundaries against the temptations we face, so that we can bear up under them and take God’s provision of escape for our welfare.

As with all steps of faith, believers are enabled to trust and act on each of these promises from the Lord by seeking His wisdom and instruction through prayer and scripture; and, by relying on the power of the Holy Spirit for guidance and understanding.