Give to Everyone

Does this verse mean that we always give the thing that someone asks of us; and we always accommodate everyone who needs to borrow from us?

I used to believe the answer was “yes”. I reasoned that we cannot adequately judge if someone is in genuine need, and it is better to give to the undeserving than withhold from a person who needs our help. Yet, it seemed that giving to everyone indiscriminately would only encourage some people to lie or deceive in order to gain what they desired. Furthermore, lending can cause rifts between friends and family regarding repayment; as has been said, “Before borrowing from a friend, decide which you need most. “Nevertheless, Mt. 5:42 seems to clearly indicate that we should give or lend to everyone who asks of us.

Acts 3: 1-6 relates an incident where a crippled beggar asked Peter and John for money, expecting to receive what he requested. Instead, Peter looked at him and said, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give thee.” In other words, Peter did not give the crippled man what he asked for—what the beggar thought he most needed—Peter gave him something he had the means to give which was far more valuable: He gave healing to the man who was crippled from birth! So perhaps we do not necessarily need to give to everyone what they are asking for; but rather, what we are lead to give by the Spirit for their greater welfare.

Luke 6: 30 & 34 state, “Give to every man that asketh of theeAnd if you lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye?” I have heard it said that it is wise to never lend with the expectation of getting paid back; but to consider what we “lend” as a gift. Still, there may be times when an agreement to repay is appropriate; nevertheless, it seems wise to—as we might have heard—“only lend what you can afford to lose.” Here are two verses to keep in mind so that we might cheerfully and generously lend and give to those who ask:

If we give of our time, talent, or treasure according to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the counsel of Scripture; then it will always be possible to give to everyone who asks of us. Not only that, but we can do it with cheerful and generous hearts knowing that we are doing it for the Lord and He will bless our obedience.