Freely Forgive

Some time ago, I experienced ongoing contention with someone close to me because of a disagreement that that seemed to have reached an impasse; however, one morning I woke up with this thought running over and over through my mind: “Forgivers forgive at any price.” As I pondered these words, more thoughts resounded in my spirit: “It (forgiveness) may cost you your pride; it may cost you entitlement to a fair outcome; and it may cost you the pleasure of being proven right.

As a believer, I knew I needed to be obedient to this command and pay the price of my pride to do it. Still, I had attempted calls that went unanswered and I simply did not know how to move forward. Over a year had passed and despite my prayers, the sadness of losing this important relationship was heavy on my heart. One day I accidentally dialed my friend’s number on my cell phone…and she answered! We were able to converse, and although it was a bit awkward, a healing process began that led to our reconciliation- without a doubt, we had needed the perfect timing of the Lord, the only One who could look upon our hearts (1Samuel 16:7, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks upon the heart.)