For Their Deeds Follow Them


The King James version interprets “deeds” as “works.” The message of this verse in Revelation—the idea that our works follow us when we die—is that deeds done here on earth will be judged regarding eternal rewards in heaven. Are we to conclude that ‘good’ works we do during our lifetime will automatically earn us godly rewards? The following verses seem to present two views concerning our works:

Although these verses appear to contradict each other, they are instead describing two kinds of works: Works that we do in order to merit/earn our salvation or to please ourselves; and, works that God ordains for us to do by the power of the Holy Spirit. The works done out of love and obedience to the Lord will indeed follow us to heaven for reward.

Here is more good news: The Bible is full of counsel on the kinds of deeds that will be upheld for heavenly rewards. We may think righteous works only involve what we do, such as helping the poor, supporting our church, or perhaps witnessing to the lost—all of which are good to do in the name of Jesus and through His Spirit. But let’s consider the following fruit that our Heavenly Father values and expects from His children; fruit that will stand under judgement:

Instead of merely striving to do good deeds for Jesus, we might benefit from examining ourselves to see if our works are bearing the good fruit cited in Galatians 5—the kind of works that flow from a heart attuned to the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Beautifully communicated.. works that remain come only from abiding, which is the only way we grow from barrenness to fruitfulness. Abiding = The Abundant life. Loved this blog.

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