Fight the Good Fight

In these times, one might speculate that, “Evil is going to have its way, so what is the use? I’m tired of fighting; I want relief from all of these discouraging problems.” Undoubtedly, the world has always been a challenging place, as the writings of the Apostle Paul attest to; yet he proclaimed that he could look back on his life and rejoice in the fact that he had finished life’s race with faithfulness. Galatians 6:9 encourages us to not allow ourselves to grow weary in well-doing— in other words, to keep up the good fight.

One of my favorite Bible passages is Isaiah 40:31 , which describes how we can gain the strength to keep fighting our earthly battles and not become wearied or weakened by the process:

“WAIT” is the key word in the passage since it is what is required of us so that we can carry out our spiritual journey without weariness and discouragement. Even more important to consider is the One on whom we wait— our Lord, the source of the strength we need. The literal Greek meaning for the word “wait” here is, (qavah) “to wait, look for, hope, and expect.” Waiting on the Lord is not merely sitting around, or even passively praying; it is actively and expectantly anticipating that the Lord will come through because He is faithful to His promises, and true to His holy nature. And so, as we lift our hearts in hopeful expectation of God’s goodness and power, we can run (expend much effort) the race set before us without becoming fatigued and devoid of strength; and, we can walk (perform our day-to-day tasks) and not grow faint (weak, discouraged or oppressed).

The outcome of this promise is this: We “mount up with wings like eagles.” In other words, we will soar by the power of the Holy Spirit above our circumstances with renewed strength and courage!