Do You Have a Good Word?

Fear, problems, sorrow, and anxiety can become such a heavy weight that a person can become weighed down and afflicted in their innermost being; they can reach the point of being “stooped” down under the burden. Thankfully, we read in Proverbs 12:25 that it is possible for this depressed state to actually be turned into gladness with a good word! Our good (pleasant, agreeable, appropriate, encouraging, kind, morally good) words can lift the hearts of others (cheer them up; bring joy)—what an amazingly simple but powerful gift we can give to others.

There may be times we are unsure exactly what to say, but we know something needs to be said. If we have filled our minds with scripture, we are more fully equipped to offer good words. Furthermore, we can claim Psalm 49:3 (“My mouth shall speak of wisdom”) when we know and understand scripture, writing it on our hearts (meditating on and memorizing), so that we can share words guided by the Holy Spirit when opportunities arise.