Do Not Fret

The Lord commands that believers do not fret because of wicked people; and, that they do not envy the seeming prosperity of such evildoers:

FRET- To be agitated or disturbed; to be worn away, corroded, or frayed; to be irritated and angry.


When God used the barbarous Chaldeans to discipline Judah, the prophet Habakkuk wondered why God would choose to use people even more evil than the people of Judah for his purposes. Indeed, the Chaldeans seemed to conquer and deplete countries of their wealth as they pleased to the point that they became a law unto themselves; and their own military strength was the focus of their worshipful admiration.

The Chaldeans were like roaring lions seeking whom they could devour (Read 1 Peter 5:8)

It is difficult to overlook the success of greedy, ungodly people in our world today. It is not difficult to fret over the injustice of evildoers’ prosperity compared to the suffering of the righteous. Yet, God instructs us not to worry or fret; therefore, it is beneficial for us not to fret, and harmful if we do. We can literally become so agitated and angry that we wear ourselves out physically and emotionally. Furthermore, such fretting can begin to corrode our trust in the goodness of God, resulting in loss of inner peace—worry/fretting wears away and corrodes our faith to the point that our mental state and physical well-being is frayed.

The Lord never leaves us without clear instructions that enable us to be obedient to his commands. In the next post we will discover how God has blessed us in his word with ways we can overcome worry, fretting, and fear.