Dirty Dishes

Walking out our faith in the mundane, repetitive, and sometimes tedious tasks of life can become wearisome if we don’t stand against it. Dirty dishes come to mind as one of these tiresome demands that never seems to be done— after we wash and put them away, they wind up in the sink, dirty and waiting for a repeat performance : )

As with all aspects of our lives, scripture addresses how we can overcome every challenge and walk in joy…even in the daily challenge of dirty dishes:

Scripture makes it clear that what we need is the grace of God to consistently complete underappreciated and undesirable tasks, while maintaining a good attitude. I believe the key here is to somehow find a way to be grateful, even as we “do the dirty dishes.” Here are some thoughts:

  • I have the physical strength to complete this needed task everyday.
  • We enjoyed good food that the Lord provided.
  • I had the ability and means to cook this food.
  • I had someone to share my meal with today.
  • I am providing for my family, but more importantly, I am pleasing the Lord.
  • I have clean water and cleanser to effectively clean the dishes.

Undoubtedly, you are able to easily add to this list or think of your own “washing dishes task” that challenges you— as (2 Corinthians 4:15-16) teaches: