Consider the Sparrows

My husband enjoys feeding birds. A few years ago, he placed two feeders just outside of our windows so that we could observe the interesting varieties and behaviors of the birds as they visited them. One morning, the light was so strong that I could barely see the dull brown little wrens as they fluttered around the seed dispenser, when suddenly, a bright red figure clearly caught my attention. As it perched on top of the pole where the feeder was hanging, all of my attention went to the Cardinal—he not only was in a place of highest visibility, but the other birds moved from feeding when he fluttered down to eat. Obviously, the Cardinal was “king of the roost”…beautiful to behold, and a stand-out among birds.

Almost immediately, God’s word came up into my heart in connection to what I was seeing:

The Heavenly Father tends to all of His creation with perfect care; and, His children are all valuable in His sight. Furthermore, each and every function and gifting in the body of Christ’s church are equally needed, respected, and valued—no part of God’s family is any less than another. Although some may serve brightly in the forefront while others seemingly serve in lesser positions, it is the sparrow that the Lord used as an example to give assurance to everyone of his divine and impartial attention and care.