Conclusion- How to Redeem Your Trials (Part 1)

At this stage, I would like to give some closing thoughts regarding all of the points presented thus far.

The Holy Spirit has seemed to admonish me for some time to quit worrying about “messing up God’s plan” by way of my mistakes and misunderstandings. In fact, the Lord takes no pleasure in prolonging or intensifying our trials in order to “teach us a lesson.” He does not needlessly punish His children; Jesus was punished for our sins on our behalf. Instead, we are to place our hope in the Father’s deep desire and commitment to work all things (including our mistakes) for good because we love Him and are called to His purposes. However, God simply cannot allow fear and anxiety (or any sin) to prosper us! When we submit to the Father’s good will toward us by humbly seeking His instruction and submitting to His correction, the Spirit will teach us how to confess and turn from sinful ways and walk with the Lord.

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