Chariots of Fire

Syria was warring against Israel when the king of Syria sent his horses and chariots to find and capture the prophet Elisha out of the city of Dothan. Understandably, Elisha’s servant was alarmed and fearfully asked the great prophet what could be done. Then Elisha gave him assurance that the Lord had sent His own armies, and prayed for the servant to be able to see it for himself:

There are times when fear may blind us to the Lord’s powerful provision that is constantly available to us—provision that is superior to any power of darkness. We simply fail to understand the big picture in various kinds of challenging situations; situations in which it seems that we cannot overcome old patterns of behavior—our human internal weaknesses. Additionally, we may perceive that we are overpowered by external forces—the “horses and chariots” of Satan and this world. Truthfully speaking, it is easy to get wrapped up in our own limited physical and emotional reality. As one anonymous commentator put it, ” Did he [the servant] forever understand the extent of God’s protective care? We must live by faith that the full reality is represented by those brief and beautiful glimpses of the bigger picture.”

Dear Heavenly Father, We praise your name and give you the glory for your great care and provision, even those times when we cannot comprehend it with our own senses. You are always faithful and good—thank you for the victory Jesus provided over all the powers of darkness! Help us Holy Spirit to live by faith that we are surrounded by our Father’s chariots of fire—His power and protection; and may we always live and move and have our being in our Lord’s spiritual reality. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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